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CD: Hermit Songs...Samuel Barber

The Hermit Songs LIVE CD is a Classical music purist's dream come true, featuring piano and voice performed in a live venue. Completely unedited, The Hermit Songs lyrics are translated from the manuscripts of anonymous Irish monks and scholars dating from the 8th through the 13th centuries, all set to musical composition by composer, Samuel Barber. This work is noted in the Classical music world for its beauty and rhythmic complexity on every selection. Favorites include: "St. Ita's Vision", "Sea Snatch" and "The Praises of God".

Track Listing

  1. At Saint Patrick Purgatory (Opus 29, No. 1)
  2. Church Bell At Night (Opus 29, No. 2)
  3. St. Ita's Vision (Opus 29, No. 3)
  4. The Heavenly Banquet (Opus 29, No. 4)
  5. The Crucifixion ((Opus 29, No. 5)
  6. Sea Snatch (Opus 29, No.6)
  7. Promiscuity (Opus 29, No. 7)
  8. The Monk and His Cat (Opus 29, No.8)
  9. The Praises of God (Opus 29, No. 9)
  10. The Desire for Hermitage (Opus 29, No. 10)


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