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CD: Live Opera - In Concert

Live Opera: In Concert is a beautiful collection of Classical vocals in German Leider, French Chanson, Russian Art Song and Opera Arias. The CD was performed and recorded live with no edits showcasing Stella Black’s majestic vocal range with select repertoire of the artist’s choosing. Each vocal selection is performed in the language of its origin. German, French, Italian and Russian respectively. For both Opera and Classical music lovers, Live Opera: In Concert is a must have.

Track Listing

  1. Der Hirt auf dem Felsen (Shepherd on the Rock)…Franz Schubert, Opus 129)
  2. Zueignung (Devotion)…Richard Strauss, Opus 10, No. 1
  3. Morgan (Tomorrow)…Richard Strauss, Opus 27, No. 4
  4. Ich Iiebe Dich (I love but thee)…Richard Strauss, Opus 37, No. 1
  5. La Canzone de Doretta…from: La Rondine…Giacomo Puccini
  6. Je dis que rien ne m'epouvante…from: Carmen…Georges Bizet *
  7. Main dominee par le coeur…from: Poemes de Paul Eluand…Francis Poulenc ***
  8. La petite servant (The Little Servant)…from: Cinq Poemes de Max Jacob…Francis Poulenc *
  9. C. from: Poemes de Paul Eluand…Francis Poulenc
  10. Air Vif (Brisk Song)…from: Ait chantes, Poemes de Jean Moreas…Francis Poulenc
  11. Apres un Reve (After a Dream)…Gabriel Faure ***
  12. Beau Soir (Evening Fair)…Claude Debussy
  13. Тот урожай леуа ли(The Harvest of Sorrow)…Serge Rachmaninoff, Opus 4, No. 5
  14. Црилтивы ВЕСНы (Floods of Spring)…Serge Rachmaninoff, Opus 14, No.
  15. Vocalise…Serge Rachmaninoff, Opus 34, No. 14


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